Turkestan newsletter –  is a Kazakhstani historical online journal published by the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2020. The journal serves as one of the tools for organizing historical science and presenting its results to a wide scientific community.

Editorial policy

Purpose and mission

The purpose of the journal is to publish original, not previously published, articles and reviews on the history of Central Asia during the XVIII-XX centuries. The topics on which we are focus have always been center to various branches of the Humanities, therefore, the journal publishes materials on history, Ethnology, political science, religious studies, international relations.

The main topics that we consider:

  • history of Central Asia in the XVIII-XX centuries.;
  • the conflict of world and local wars;
  • migration, deportation, repatriation;
  • repression, a network of camps and special settlements.

The journal welcomes academic research articles as well as topical reviews and reflections on issues of practical interest. It is open to all methodological directions and schools if they are based on research and processed in accordance with the basic principles of historical science.

Publishing ethics.

All articles will be subject to editorial review and anonymous review by at least two reviewers.

Authors should be guided by the following principles:

1) submitted articles should include reliable results of the research;

2) authors must provide original materials, borrowed parts must have a mandatory reference to the original source; it is not allowed the presence of unformatted quotations, unacceptable full and partial plagiarism;

3) a mandatory condition is the designation in the article of all persons who have contributed to the development of the research topic;

4) submission of a manuscript that has already been published in another journal or is under consideration for publication is inadmissible;

5) the authors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, citations, statistics, proper names, geographical names and other information.

Requirements for authors

The journal accepts articles in the amount of 3500-5000 words, reviews 2500-3000 words, reviews 1000 words.

  • The structure of the article:  
  • Universal decimal classification
  • Title (no more than 11-13 words)
  • Name, patronymic and surname of the author (in the original language of the article and in English);
  • Russian Russian abstract and keywords (in Russian, if the article is in Kazakh; in Kazakh ‒ if the article is in Russian; in English); abstract in the amount of 200 words, keywords-5-7.
  • Introduction (relevance and brief historiographical overview);
  • Sources, methodology and methods;
  • Main results and analysis of the study;
  • Conclusion;
  • Literature.

It is necessary to submit a list of references in two versions: in the first version (Literature) – the name of the literature in the original language and in foreign languages does not change; in the second version (References) – the name of works in foreign languages as in the original, and the name of works presented in Cyrillic, in transliteration).

Style of registration of the list of references in Russian and Kazakh according to GOST 7.1-2003 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of compilation” (requirement for publications included in the list of CESSC).

The article is submitted in electronic form (Word file type doc., docx.).

Font size – 14 (abstract, keywords, literature-12, table text-10), font-Times New Roman, alignment – text width, spacing-single, paragraph indentation-1 cm, margins: top and bottom – 2 cm, left and right – 2 cm.

The texts of the manuscript of the article are submitted by e-mail to the editorial office: turkestanvestnik@gmail.com